Client: Nike

Co-created with: Blanka Orhanovic, Marta Zemljic

Awarded with D&AD New Blood Yellow Pencil

Highlighted in HURA, Ads Of The World

Date: May, 2020

Creative strategy



Video production



Being a girl dancer is not easy. Nobody thinks that dance is a sport, but they are right - it really isn’t just a sport. It’s a perfect mix of art, movement, rhythm, fashion & culture. Without a proper guide, dance can be a source of insecurity. Without a proper dance studio, dance can...not be. More than 50% of dance studios are located in central London, therefore completely unavailable for any teenage girl who lives outside due to legal, transport or financial issues. This means that almost any girl outside zones 1&2 does not have an appropriate dance venue and classes/teachers.

Since Nike believes in the power of sport and doing anything possible to expand human potential, we took over empty venues all over London ends & turned them into modern, safe, equipped, girls-only dance studios. Then we created a hidden platform: GIRLS+, a part of women’s NIKE+ apps serving as a venue locator, dance course, social network & membership program. 

GIRLS+ is available at membership girls' apps only, accessible by detecting girls' face ID. Each of the NIKE+ apps had a uniquely customised GIRLS+ part with appropriate challenges. We create interactive map w/ our locations, run paths, daily challenges, shoes collections and lots more. Every visit was a chance to unlock a secret, limited dance equipment collection: specifically designed to represent each London’s end & available to buy only when in a specific dance studio using the geolocation feature of the app.  

We found our future dancers on TikTok, jamming in their rooms and following choreographer Parris Goebel. Parris changed her name in London Goebel, teased our ladies using social media, and told them the GIRLS+ extension is a place to be. She also started the first #repyourends challenge, inviting girls from each one to dance its character away while providing equal opportunities across the whole city.

We created a complete integrated campaign - from viral social media activities and influencers/brand ambassadors, to specially designed merch, posters & billboards and guerilla ads, transforming Londons ends into a teenage dance floor.

We wanted to see what they got, celebrate differences, and give them a career boost. We believe that our community is the right team for young, talented, ambitious athletes these girls are. In short, we brought the dance where it all started: the neighbourhoods & made being a girl dancer in London a little easier (and more stylish, too).


GIRLS+: Just shake it.